News and Previews

  • Nexus - the Jupiter Incident blasts to stores.

    HD Interactive's space combat game lands on retail shelves.

    Posted 2004-11-04T12:46:19Z by Tom Orry

  • Spyro scorches retail shelves.

    The cute dragon hits store shelves just in time for the holiday season.

    Posted 2004-11-04T12:37:46Z by Tom Orry

  • Gizmondo developer signals intent with Warthog acquisition

    Tiger Telematics aim to show that they are not content with being a bit-part player in the handheld war with purchase of UK dev team

    Posted 2004-11-04T11:18:10Z by Adam Jarvis

  • Rare's Kameo delayed indefinitely.

    Rare's rather long-in-the-tooth action adventure, Kameo: Elements of Power, has been delayed until an unspecified date.

    Posted 2004-11-03T21:36:36Z by Darragh Walsh

  • Spiderman plugs into your TV.

    The latest TV Game features everyones favourite spider superhero.

    Posted 2004-11-03T13:30:37Z by Tom Orry

  • Nintendo vs Piracy

    Nintendo cracks down on pirated games

    Posted 2004-11-02T19:41:04Z by Andy Young

  • San Andreas shatters UK sales records.

    The third next-gen iteration of the record-breaking, chart-topping series has achieved staggering sales figures in it's opening weekend. Read on...

    Posted 2004-11-02T17:36:09Z by Darragh Walsh

  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. delayed yet again.

    GSC Game World's promising FPS has slipped once again, with publishers THQ now hoping to have the game on shelves in late Spring of 2005.

    Posted 2004-11-02T15:21:20Z by Darragh Walsh

  • Half Life 2 set for summer 2005 release - in arcades

    Valve's upcoming FPS is heading to an arcade near you, courtesy of Taito

    Posted 2004-11-02T00:19:36Z by Adam Jarvis

  • Game Over for Jez San and the Argonauts

    Another British Dev Studio goes to Hades as captain San tries to build something from the ashes

    Posted 2004-11-01T23:01:26Z by Struan Robertson