News and Previews

  • PES4 for Xbox and PC-DVD on November 19th 2004.

    Online Pro Evolution Soccer debut's on November 19th 2004.

    Posted 2004-11-08T15:21:38Z by Tom Orry

  • Golden Joystick winners announced.

    Doom III steals the show, taking home Game of the Year, while both EA and Nintendo take home 3 gongs apiece.

    Posted 2004-11-06T02:00:37Z by Darragh Walsh

  • Industry magazine speculates on UK price point for the DS.

    And it's not good news...

    Posted 2004-11-05T19:07:15Z by Darragh Walsh

  • Lineage II European release announced.

    NCsoft Europe announces their fantasy MMORP will be hitting European stores on November 19th 2004.

    Posted 2004-11-05T17:23:39Z by Tom Orry

  • Halo 2 street date allegedly broken in US

    The upcoming FPS has been sold in the US, days before the official release date. Microsoft decline to comment.

    Posted 2004-11-05T00:55:35Z by Adam Jarvis

  • Major US retailer calls a halt to Nintendo DS preorders

    Worries of stock shortages abound as one of the US' largest videogame retail chains, GameStop, has stopped taking preorders for Nintendo's new handheld.

    Posted 2004-11-04T20:26:20Z by Darragh Walsh

  • Gizmondo gets its own promo store

    In the run-up to Christmas, it looks like the device is pulling out all the stops in order to succeed...

    Posted 2004-11-04T14:17:41Z by Keza MacDonald

  • Announcement of Mario Kart for the DS spurs import frenzy

    DS's launch line up grows ever-stronger

    Posted 2004-11-04T14:03:19Z by Keza MacDonald

  • PlayStation 2 sales up 300%

    Latest ChartTrack figures show an amazing performance from Sony

    Posted 2004-11-04T13:56:29Z by Keza MacDonald

  • Agent 47 returns to hit our screens once more

    Agent 47 makes his fourth outing in Eidos' stealth-assasin franchise

    Posted 2004-11-04T12:51:57Z by Adam Jarvis