News and Previews

  • Mario Tennis comes to GameCube in February 2005

    It's time to dust off your rackets. Mario Tennis finally makes it to the GameCube in Europe on February 25th 2005.

    Posted 2004-12-08T17:47:51Z by Tom Orry

  • GameCube and GBA each get new Donkey Kong title in 2005

    Nintendo have announced that the GBA and GameCube will each be getting a new Donkey Kong game in February 2005.

    Posted 2004-12-08T17:36:56Z by Tom Orry

  • EA announce new C&C game

    In an email to fans of Command & Conquer, EA announce new game set in the Red Alert universe.

    Posted 2004-12-07T21:54:39Z by Tom Orry

  • Nvidia to power next Sony console

    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc and Nvidia have announced they are working together on the GPU for SCEI's next generation entertainment device.

    Posted 2004-12-07T11:21:25Z by Tom Orry

  • Game ratings: A move in the right direction?

    Trade and Industry Secretary speaks out

    Posted 2004-12-07T10:51:46Z by Andy Young

  • Nintendo ship 230,000 DS (or 460,000 screens) in first 24hrs

    Just under half of the first batch of consoles has gone already in the first 24hrs of the Japanese launch. Best get buying...

    Posted 2004-12-06T16:26:22Z by Struan Robertson

  • Blizzard bans WoW speed hack cheaters

    Players found to be cheating while playing World of Warcraft are to have their accounts revoked.

    Posted 2004-12-06T11:25:14Z by Tom Orry

  • EA to review overtime payments

    A leaked memo shows the gaming gargantuan is listening to the complaints of employees

    Posted 2004-12-03T18:22:18Z by Ian Dransfield

  • King of Fighters: Maximum impact announced for Europe

    Ignition Entertainment is to bring the first 3D King of Fighters game to Europe in February 2005.

    Posted 2004-12-03T14:54:44Z by Tom Orry

  • Want to reap some Acclaim?

    Recently bankrupted company Acclaim are up for auction.. Want some chairs?

    Posted 2004-12-03T12:42:32Z by Ian Dransfield