News and Previews

  • Valve's coming to get you...

    Gabe Newell and co crack down on pirated copies of Half Life 2

    Posted 2004-11-23T19:45:46Z by Andy Young

  • Ubisoft announce 3 titles for Euro DS launch.

    Rayman DS, Sprung and Aspahlt Urban GT all make the European DS launch.

    Posted 2004-11-23T11:37:30Z by Tom Orry

  • PSP expands Advent Trilogy in 2005

    Advent Trilogy expands onto PSP with a unique title only for the handheld.

    Posted 2004-11-23T11:16:51Z by Tom Orry

  • Tecmo boss flips out about PlayStation 3 plans

    Sony have put home appliances before gaming and Microsoft have everything to gain from it says Nakamura-san.

    Posted 2004-11-23T09:34:37Z by Struan Robertson

  • Sims go to University in 2005

    First Sims 2 Expansion announced for March 2005.

    Posted 2004-11-22T17:37:51Z by Tom Orry

  • EA announces Champions League title

    Licence lovers EA and European football bods sign a deal to grow a money tree.

    Posted 2004-11-22T11:57:27Z by Struan Robertson

  • UK's FIFA Interactive World Cup representative crowned

    London's FIFA Interactive World Cup regional winner has been crowned. Pail, 22, of Croydon.

    Posted 2004-11-22T10:49:10Z by Tom Orry

  • SCEE attempts to woo gamers with an interactive display

    SCEE has teamed up with Virgin Megastores to produce the first ever 'interactive' store window

    Posted 2004-11-19T16:10:54Z by Ian Clements

  • Viewtiful Joe 2 (NTSC) ships for the Gamecube

    Two weeks before his PS2 appearance, Joe goes Henshin-a-go-go on Gamecube

    Posted 2004-11-19T15:55:36Z by Ian Clements

  • Inevitable San Andreas soundtrack release details

    Rockstar and Interscope announce full details of the San Andreas soundtrack release. Surprises? None.

    Posted 2004-11-19T15:49:56Z by Ian Dransfield