News and Previews

  • 17 year-old girl sues industry giants over topless photos.

    A 17 year-old girl has sued Take-Two susidiary, Gathering of Developers, over the unsolicited use of topless photos of her in critically panned multiformat title "The Guy Game".

    Posted 2004-12-23T00:01:19Z by Darragh Walsh

  • GTA 2 and others available to download for free

    Rockstar add the second GTA game to their free to download classics range.

    Posted 2004-12-22T20:03:07Z by Tom Orry

  • Drakengard sequel in development

    Square announce a sequel to their mildly successful hack and slash adventure.

    Posted 2004-12-22T12:34:22Z by Tom Orry

  • Forza pushed back

    Microsoft's big entry into the racing sim market temporarily stalls.

    Posted 2004-12-22T11:34:42Z by Tom Orry

  • Nintendo DS sales hit 2 million.

    Japanese gaming giant Nintendo announced today that combined Japanese and North American sales of it's new DS handheld console have hit 2 million, exceeding the expectations of many.

    Posted 2004-12-22T01:42:52Z by Darragh Walsh

  • Half-Life 2 demo released.

    Valve have released a demo for their critically and publically acclaimed masterpiece, the oft-delayed (but totally worth it) Half-Life 2.

    Posted 2004-12-22T01:11:45Z by Darragh Walsh

  • UK's Christmas No.1 game announced

    EA make it two years in a row, as NFS Underground 2 takes the top spot.

    Posted 2004-12-21T21:24:25Z by Tom Orry

  • Halo 2 tournament online and on-air announces an XBox Live tournament, with £1000 worth of prizes for the taking

    Posted 2004-12-17T15:57:31Z by Ian Clements

  • Juiced headed for a May 2005 release

    THQ saves this particular automobile from the scrapyard and tunes it up

    Posted 2004-12-17T15:26:06Z by Ian Clements

  • EDGE announce their gaming awards of 2004

    The acclaimed magazine announces its accolades of the year, who came out on top?

    Posted 2004-12-17T15:14:33Z by Ian Clements