News and Previews

  • Nintendo's vision of the future

    Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed his videogames vision of the future.

    Posted 2005-11-01T14:14:10Z by James Orry

  • Subscription-free MMO from Sony

    Sony Online Entertainment is to release a subscription-free MMO.

    Posted 2005-11-01T13:13:03Z by James Orry

  • Take-Two financial update

    Take-Two is reducing its fiscal 2005 guidance, to reflect several factors including the delay of GTA: Liberty City Stories for the PSP across Europe.

    Posted 2005-11-01T12:12:05Z by James Orry

  • UK Videogame Chart: Pro Evo 5 maintains top spot

    Pro Evolution Soccer 5 holds on at the top of the UK videogames chart, proving more than a match for Star Wars and Tony Hawk.

    Posted 2005-11-01T11:11:17Z by James Orry

  • F.E.A.R. patch and new map

    A new F.E.A.R. patch taking the game up to version 1.02 has been released that also contains an all-new multiplayer map.

    Posted 2005-11-01T11:11:15Z by James Orry

  • Oblivion slips into 2006

    Take Two's much anticipated RPG will be released in 2006 on PC and Xbox 360.

    Posted 2005-11-01T11:11:17Z by Tom Orry

  • Dungeon Siege movie dated

    Uwe Boll has announced that his Dungeon Siege movie will be released in two parts with the first appearing in Cinemas on November 3rd 2006.

    Posted 2005-10-31T17:17:38Z by James Orry

  • Liberty City Stories custom soundtracks

    Rockstar has released a nifty little application allowing PC users to convert commercial CDs into a format playable in the game.

    Posted 2005-10-31T15:15:04Z by James Orry

  • Xbox 360 touring the UK

    The Xbox 360 Hour Tour is making its way all over the UK throughout November.

    Posted 2005-10-31T14:14:24Z by James Orry

  • Joint Task Force from Vivendi

    Vivendi Universal Games and HD Publishing have announced a co-publishing deal which will see Vivendi release the game under the Sierra brand.

    Posted 2005-10-31T12:12:06Z by James Orry