Who is Jane Doe in ZZZ (Zenless Zone Zero)? Leaks and everything we know

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  • Jane Doe (aka Mouse Girl) leaks indicate she will be a Physical Anomaly S-Rank Agent.
  • Her release date is unknown, and her name might be a placeholder.
  • Leakers suggest Jane Doe will feature on the 1.1 second phase banner, but this is unconfirmed

Jane Doe is a rumoured character in Zenless Zone Zero. Her appearance has been teased briefly, but people are wondering when she’s going to be released and what her playstyle is. There have been some leaks about Jane Doe’s kit and gameplay, but nothing concrete from HoYoverse. Jane Doe is also known as ‘Mouse Girl’, and her faction is the New Eridu Public Security, of which she is part of the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team.

zenless zone zero jane doe zz - a team of characters pose together
Jane Doe is seen here at the back, part of the PubSec faction. Image taken by VideoGamer

Jane Doe details

At the moment, we’ve only seen Jane Doe in a brief trailer that went live to celebrate the ZZZ launch. In the trailer, we see Zhu Yuan leading the charge, backed up by Qingyi, as the three main characters of the New Eridu Public Security Faction (N.E.P.S). These characters all feature variations of the blue outfits we’ve seen from some PubSec NPCs.

Jane Doe, by the way, isn’t even her confirmed name, revealing just how little we know about her as a character. Many online are calling her Mouse Girl because her icon reportedly incorporates that into it. From the trailer, we see that Jane Doe has a thin tail and short dark hair. When we get confirmation of her name, we’ll update this page accordingly.

Jane Doe leaks – gameplay and type

As with any unreleased and unconfirmed character, all we have to go on are from leaks that people have released. As such, you should take this information with a hefty pinch of salt to balance everything out. According to the leaks, we’ve seen her full in-game model, along with her type and role in combat. The leaks say Jane Done is a Physical Anomaly S-Rank Agent and that her banner will be the second phase of 1.1.

zenless zone zero jane doe zzz - a woman with a tail holds a dagger
Jane Doe can seemingly hold a knife with her tail. Image taken by VideoGamer

As an Anomaly character, Jane Doe will specialise in debuffs, and this will also make her the second S-Rank Anomaly Agent after Grace Howard. Another leaker has also hinted towards Jane Doe’s kit, explaining her Special Skill in detail. Supposedly, Jane Doe will use an Air Grab that has her leap into the air before kicking enemies continuously.

When is the Jane Doe release date?

At the moment, there is no word on a release date for Jane Doe. The game has only just been released and we have confirmation for the 1.0 banners, with Zhu Yuan headlining the second phase of 1.0. As per HoYoverse’s typical behaviour, we can probably expect to see a 1.1 special program in August. Whether to not Jane Doe will be released in 1.1 or if she’s coming later, however, is yet to be confirmed. In the meantime, we have Ellen’s banner which will switch over to Zhu Yuan in July.

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