Yakuza 7 achieved the highest digital sales of the series, says Sega

Yakuza 7 achieved the highest digital sales of the series, says Sega
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Yakuza producer Toshihiro Nagoshi spoke on the success of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and announced that the latest entry attained the highest digital sales of the series (via DualShockers).

The game has sold a total of 400,000 digital and physical copies across Japan and Asia, showing that the twists and turns to the Yakuza formula did the trick. In Like a Dragon, a “live command RPG battle” system lets players use summons and party attacks that disrupt the environment around the characters. “The fight is constantly in motion,” said chief producer Masayoshi Yokoyama. “Except for some bosses, when you encounter an enemy, the battle will begin from right where you’re standing.”

Furthermore, the DLC has brought boons like new special jobs, legacy character costumes of Goro Majima, Kazuma Kiryu, and Makoto Date, new karaoke songs, new employees, material packs, Human Power packs, and battle item packs. Though it’s not made its worldwide release yet, the game is doing very well for Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and Sega. Nagoshi enthused that it’s accumulated the highest digital sales of the series, in the March 24 SegaNama stream. 

Also, responding to a fan question, Nagoshi said that he is surprised by the love for Goro Majima. The antagonist’s personality is bizarre and bad-tempered, and he thought players would not resonate with his quirks. Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio never set out to make Majima popular at all, so the reception is amusing and pleasing for the team. Nagoshi added that there’s no real point to trying to make a likeable character, as it will often lead to the opposite outcome. 

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is out now on PlayStation 4 in Japan, and will come to the rest of the world later in 2020.