XDefiant players share their favorite factions, and DedSec is unsurprisingly at the top

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XDefiant is home to a handful of different factions, each with its own unique set of abilities you can choose from before a match. Of course, since some abilities are better than others, most players tend to gravitate towards those they like using the most. And unsurprisingly, one faction reigns supreme among the others: the Watch Dogs 2-inspired group, DedSec.

Equipped with abilities like Hijack and the infamous Spiderbot, DedSec being one of the XDefiant fan-favorite factions was almost a no-brainer. After all, using the latter can essentially give you a free kill as long as it successfully latches onto an enemy. Similarly, Hijack can give you a tremendous advantage since it can take over any enemy-deployed ability at a certain range. So, if you see a Spiderbot scurrying towards you, you can use Hijack to bring it over to your side and turn the tables on your unwitting foes.

The Far Cry 6-themed faction Libertad similarly has a ton of fans, with players citing El Remedio and its tremendous 200 HP-providing ultra ability as major reasons why. Called Médico Supremo, this Libertad ultra places down a sizeable healing area that gives any team member standing within it accelerated health regen and a bigger HP pool. It’s especially useful in Occupy and Domination since it practically gives you free rein to stand in the open without having to worry about getting killed.

Surprisingly, though, not many on Reddit listed the Splinter Cell-inspired faction Echelon as a favorite. With notorious abilities like the Digital Ghillie Suit and the wall-hacking Intel Suit, this group should have been a shoo-in for the top spot among players. Of course, its lack of apparent supporters may be due to the fact that players don’t want to admit to favoring the use of the oft-criticized Intel Suit, as pointed out by u/Mr_Rafi. Based on personal experience, however, Echelon continues to be popular in matches, much to the chagrin of my KD ratio.

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