Xbox One has become the fastest-selling video games console in Australia, overtaking the launch of Wii in 2006, reports Australia's Financial Review.

NPD Group estimates sales of 65,917 Xbox One consoles in the three days following the console's launch on November 22 - more than double the figure achieved by Wii U.

PlayStation 4 launched in Australia a week later on November 29, but Sony told AFR that stock shortages prevented the console from shifting more units than the Xbox One.

"It's been overwhelming," he said. "I've been around since PlayStation One and we still haven't seen the kind of demand we're seeing now for PS4.

"The first weekend sales figures is just the beginning because we haven't fulfilled all the pre-orders yet. We haven't been able to completely fulfil the demand as yet but we will. Hopefully consumers can buy one."

Xbox One sold over a million units across 13 territories at launch, while PS4 is said to have sold 2.1 million units as of December 1.


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