Double Helix had to bear the brunt of unhappy fighting fans jeering at its upcoming Xbox One fighter Killer Instinct while presenting the game live on stage at this weekend's Evo 2013 tournament.

Taking to the stage to demo the fighter, the two Double Helix developers were booed immediately after mentioning Xbox One and discussing their "great partnership with Microsoft".

After persevering with their introduction, the game was booed again moments later upon the Microsoft Studios and Xbox One logos appearing on stage. Around 100,000 people were thought to have been watching the event live online.

You can watch the entire thing in the video below.

Fans have criticised Microsoft for its approach to Xbox One following the console's announcement in May, forcing the company to backtrack on its plans to implement restrictive DRM into the upcoming next-gen console.

Killer Instinct is expected to launch alongside Xbox One this November.

Source: YouTube

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