Microsoft is developing a 7-inch gaming tablet called 'Xbox Surface', a new report has claimed.

According to sources close to The Verge, Xbox Surface will feature a "custom ARM processor and high-bandwidth RAM designed specifically for gaming tasks". The site alleges that the tablet is currently in testing at Microsoft's Silicon Valley offices.

Those are the same offices that Microsoft was reported to have put on security lockdown last month. The Verge speculates that the security boost may be linked to the tablet.

Unlike Microsoft's recently released Surface tablet, the Xbox Surface will reportedly run a "custom Windows kernel" rather than a full version of Windows, presumably to bring it in line with the Xbox 360 user interface.

Rumours of an Xbox Surface first surfaced back in June, just prior to the announcement of the Microsoft Surface.

The leaked document suggested that the 7-inch tablet would feature a 1280x720 display and a "custom IBM engine".

As well as releasing Surface, Microsoft recently launched its SmartGlass app for a variety of tablets. The app lets users use their tablet as a second screen, offering additional information about the movie that they're watching or game they're playing.

Source: The Verge