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Xbox Series X will apparently launch in early November, PS5 in mid-November

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The launch of the new consoles is apparently pencilled in for November, with the XSX launching in the first week of the month and the PS5 following behind in mid-November.

This comes from a report from Video Games Chronicle, but we’ll need a pinch of salt with this. Nothing regarding the launch windows of either console has been officially pinned down by either Microsoft or Sony, so we should still consider this information to be up in the air. 

The sources that Video Games Chronicle cites claim that the XSX will launch before the PS5, with Microsoft telling developers to pitch towards a launch in the very first week of November. This will apparently allow Microsoft and developers to slide into the second week of the month in the event of any issues (after all, it is 2020). On the other hand, the PS5 is said to be launching in mid-November, according to the outlet’s development and retail sources. In the UK, PlayStation has allegedly already booked significant marketing spend for the seven days following November 13. 

The reason why the two companies are keeping tight-lipped about their plans is that the coronavirus crisis has led to serious impacts on economies and industries around the world. For example, Halo Infinite is no longer an Xbox Series X launch title, owing to the transition into working from home. “This is why we’re waiting so long to hear about pre-orders and software line-up… companies are waiting until they can be as sure as they can about what they can deliver to consumers,” said Gamer Network’s head of games B2B, Christopher Dring. “It’s a complicated time, and you would typically place a strong bet on PS5 arriving somewhere in the middle of November. But things can change very quickly.”

As aforementioned, and as stated by Mr Dring, this hasn’t been officially confirmed, so we should still base our thoughts on the general “holiday 2020” timeframe. We’ll keep you in the loop when we know more.