Xbox Series S Toaster is already reselling at 225% price increase

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Perhaps in a move to one-up PlayStation in the console war – Xbox now has a new exclusive: bread. The Xbox Series S Toaster was briefly available from Walmart, however, it’s sold out now. You’ll be able to get hold of it from eBay, but be prepared to pay a 225% mark-up on its $39.99 MSRP – something we strongly recommend against doing.

The Xbox Series S Toaster is a licensed Microsoft product made by Ukonic, who also produces Minecraft Creeper mini-fridges and Mjolnir pocket tools.

The Xbox Series S Toaster imprints the Xbox logo onto bread as it toasts, and would pair well with a glass of milk taken from the Xbox Series X Replica mini-fridge. Despite having only been announced by Microsoft on January 4th, it’s now completely sold out as of the time of writing.

A screenshot from X displaying the Xbox Series S Toaster's official announcement from Twitter. "Got bread? because we can toast it now

The Xbox Series X Toaster from Ukonic is officially available. (Link to Walmart)"
via Microsoft on Twitter

Less than 24 hours after the official announcement, the console toaster has popped up on eBay being sold at a price mark-up of nearly 225%, though bids are currently ongoing. With a fairly respectable MSRP of $39.99, there are currently listings which have sold for as much as $89.99.

A screenshot from eBay showing the sold listings of the Xbox Series S Toaster.

It’s a story we see sadly too often when new hardware releases, so I can’t say I’m surprised by this at all.

The toaster is adorned with a digital LED timer, a defrost button, a six-setting shade selector and a wide enough slot for a bagel. It might be wholly worth the $39.99 from Walmart, but whether it’s worth paying over double price is entirely up to you.

I might be outing myself by revealing this, but I do love dunking buttered toast in a cup of tea. It’s a shame you can’t connect the Yorkshire Tea Controller to this Xbox.

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