The latest update for Xbox One is out today, and it’s aiming to enhance the way users can personalise their dashboard and upgrades the overall experience. In celebration of the new UI change, Microsoft's director of programming, Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb, has gone through all of the changes and features in an informative eight minute video, which details every aspect of the new Xbox One dashboard experience.

Players can now personalise their Home in more ways than ever before by adding their favourite games, following friends' activity, and even pinning their preferred apps to the Home screen. The whole experience has become more modular and simplified with a new design Microsoft is calling ‘blocks.’

Most importantly, the Guide is now far more responsive. Navigating your way around the Xbox Menus is much smoother than before. Microsoft has changed over to something called the Fluent Design, and this has removed a lot of the unnecessary stuff that previously bogged down the home page.

There are some more changes, such as the the redesigned community page, which lets players follow their buddies more easily, and read comments in fullscreen. You can even stream games in 1080p, as long as your internet can handle the bandwidth.

For the full list of changes head over to the Xbox Wire, and if you can’t be bothered to read just watch Major Nelson cajoling you with his dulcet tones. He explains everything that’s new like he’s reading a child a bedtime story, and that’s quite nice.

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