The Xbox One 'OneGuide' will not be available in the UK until "some time in 2014", Microsoft has confirmed.

OneGuide offers a personalised guide to channel surfing, letting users browse what's on TV and highlight their favourite channels using their voice and Xbox One controller.

The feature is expected to be available to US users at launch.

"There's a number of different providers out there from where you can get guides," Xbox Senior Product Manager Terry Farrell told TechRadar. "We are choosing to partner with these folks and they are excited about the idea of integration."

Farrell suggests that the amount of television providers is the reason for the Guide's staggered launch.

"We're testing all the boxes," he continues. "You can imagine how many there are in the UK. We've been so focused on testing all the different cable boxes around the globe for just basic passthrough. In 13 different countries - that's a lot of TVs."

Microsoft showed a closer look at the Xbox One's features - including OneGuide - earlier today in the video below.

Xbox One launches in the UK on November 22.