David Scammell by on Aug 12, 2013

Xbox One reduces wireless controller latency by 20%

Microsoft has “redefined” the wireless protocol used in the Xbox One’s wireless controller to reduce input lag by 20 per cent over the current Xbox 360 wireless controller.

General manager Zulfi Alam discussed the improvements to the controller’s latency during a new Xbox One video posted this afternoon, saying: “In terms of the wireless protocol, we also redefined it completely from scratch.

“There were two goals: first increase the bandwidth of this wireless protocol, significantly more, 20x more than what we have right now. And the other one was to reduce the latency, so the moment you press the fire button, the time it takes to go to your console and back, essentially we reduce that.”

Whether or not the average player will notice the difference, however, is debatable.

“It’s all milliseconds,” adds Alam. “It’s essentially been improved by 20 per cent.”

Besides the hardware specification, input lag is also determined by individual software. According to a Digital Foundry article from 2009, input lag on Xbox 360 titles range from 67ms to 200ms.

Players will also be able to turn the Xbox One controller into a wired controller by hooking it up via a USB cable, Alam reaffirmed.

“The moment you plug in the wire essentially the radio in the controller shuts down, and at that point the controller transforms into being a truly wired controller,” he adds, with data carried purely through the USB cable.

Xbox One launches this November for £429.

Source: youtube.com


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