Microsoft has increased the clock speed of the Xbox One GPU from 800MHz to 853MHz, corporate vice president Marc Whitten has revealed in a podcast with Major Nelson.

The 6.62 per cent clock speed boost is a result of the Xbox One hardware finally reaching maturity, removing the need for conservative estimates.

"We've tweaked up our clock speed on our GPU from 800MHz to 853MHz," said Whitten.

He added: "It's an example of how we really get close to the final performance envelope of how the box works and really making sure we have a great product for our developers to build great games against."

In the same interview Whitten confirmed that final dev kits are now in the hands of Microsoft's partners.

Xbox One will be released in November.

Rumours of a clock speed increase have been doing the rounds for a while, and whilst the boost is slight, it does help the Xbox One edge that little bit closer to the theoretical performance of the PS4.