Regular Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network sales charts are in the works for the UK, and could follow fairly swiftly after the launch of the PC download chart in the coming weeks, reports MCV.

UKIE chairman Andy Payne believes the process of pulling together digital charts for the major console platforms will be an easier task than the efforts required to offer a PC digital sales chart.

"We're in conversations about XBLA and PSN," Payne told MCV. "Because they are very important as well."

"You could argue that we should have started with that. And I wouldn't disagree. At the time, people were touchy about data. But attitudes have changed amongst content owners and platform holders."

The launch of a PC digital sales chart will help bring clarity to the UK PC games market, which has seen a massive shift to digital sales through services such as Steam.

With future console platforms likely to further embrace digital distribution it is an important step to get digital charts up and running now, to ensure we don't see a repeat of what happened on PC.