More Xbox 360 consoles were sold in North America last week than Wii and Wii Us combined, according to sales figures released by Microsoft.

Over 750,000 Xbox 360s were sold during Thanksgiving week - almost double the amount of Wii U consoles Nintendo managed to shift during the same time period.

400,000 Wii Us and 300,000 Wiis were sold last week. Sony has yet to announce how many PlayStation 3s were sold.

Xbox 360 sales even exceeded Microsoft's internal forecasts.

But despite the high sales figures, Xbox 360 console sales were actually down year-on-year.

Microsoft sold 960,000 Xbox 360 consoles during last year's Thanksgiving week, with 800,000 of them sold during a 24-hour period alone.

Wii U launches in the UK this Friday.

Source: Major Nelson