NPD Group has released hardware sales figures for the month of August in the US, revealing some expected and some not so expected results.

Firstly the Wii and Nintendo DS continue to dominate proceedings, shifting 453,000 units and 518,300 units respectively. While Nintendo's big sales aren't surprising, the battle between Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 has gone against earlier forecasts. The PlayStation 3 sold 185,400 units, but was beaten by the Xbox 360's 195,200 units.

The margin of victory is minor, but having lost out to PS3 in recent months any victory for the Xbox 360 will be music to the ears of Microsoft execs. It's also worth noting that the sales don't reflect the recent Xbox 360 price reductions which Microsoft has already stated resulted in a rise in sales.

Elsewhere the PSP continues to find itself in the shadow of the Nintendo DS, moving 253,000 units (still very respectable when looking at the broader picture), and the PlayStation 2's low price ensures there's still demand for the ageing console - 144,100 units sold.