WWE will make its PS4 and Xbox One debut with WWE 2K15, Take-Two has announced. The game will be joined in the publisher's fiscal 2015 by NBA 2K15.

Speaking during an earnings call with investors last night, Take-Two president Karl Slatoff stated: "In addition, during fiscal 2015, consumers can look forward to exciting next generation releases from our NBA 2K and WWE franchises as well as other unannounced titles that promise to raise the bar for excellence. We will have more to share about our titles throughout the next several months as we head into E3."

WWE 2K14 proved more successful than the publisher forecast.

"Our WWE franchise has quickly proven to be a successful addition to our portfolio," said Strauss Zelnick, chairman and chief executive officer.

"Sales of WWE 2K14 have exceeded our expectations and the title is being supported with add-on content including a Season Pass featuring many of fan-favourite WWE superstars and legends. We believe there is a meaningful opportunity to grow this series by further leveraging 2K's marketing power and development expertise."

With a successful launch on previous gen, does this mean this year's games will also come to Xbox 360 and PS3? Slatoff suggests this is a possibility.

"We have haven't said anything about our NBA titles - but for next gen platforms - our sports titles but for next gen platforms. But that doesn't necessarily mean that we are not going on current gen, rather we are going on current gen, it's not related at this point. It just means we haven't had anything to share," he explained.

Whilst Take-Two's year ends March 31, 2015, it is almost certain that the two new titles will mimic their previous October/November launch dates.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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