The Wii launched across Europe last Friday and as expected sold out in a matter of hours. Over the first two days the console sold a record breaking 325,000 units, making it the fastest selling home console in history.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has been the most popular game, with 240,000 copies sold - that's 74% of all Wii console purchases. Wii Play also proved a big success, with 50% of Wii buyers also snapping up the game and the bundled Wii Remote.

"Wii has become an overnight success in Europe with people of all ages rushing out to get their hands on the console. Even at this early stage it is clear that Wii is delivering on its promise to expand the gaming market, with a uniquely diverse audience all keen to experience the sensation for themselves," said Laurent Fischer, Marketing Director for Nintendo Europe.

For people still Wii-less, rest assured that Nintendo is doing all it can to ensure that a steady supply of consoles reach retail across Europe. However, the chances of picking one up this side of Christmas if you don't have a pre-order are slim.

The successful European launch of the Wii follows equally successful launches in North America and Japan. In the Americas 600,000 Wii consoles were sold in the eight days following its release on November 19, and in Japan around 400,000 units were snapped up at launch.

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