The Wii U will launch in Europe on November 30, Nintendo announced in a Nintendo Direct conference this afternoon.

No pricing has been confirmed at this time.

Two SKUs were announced: an 8GB White Wii U Basic Pack complete with Wii U GamePad and a 32GB Black Wii U Premium Pack complete with Wii U GamePad, sensor bar and a copy of Nintendo Land.

Nintendo also revealed the Nintendo Network Premium scheme, given to all buyers of the 32GB Wii U. This membership runs until December 2014 and grants members a 10 per cent discount on digital purchases and Wii points for purchases.

Both Wii U SKUs also include an AC adaptor, a GamePad AC adaptor and a HDMI cable. The Premium 32GB model also includes a stand for the system and GamePad, plus a charging dock for the GamePad.

Additional Wii U Gamepads will be released to buy when games are released which support this function.

Neither SKU comes complete with any original Wii Remotes or Nunchuk controllers, but these will be available in new bundles. Nintendo says that "most Wii software" will be compatible with Wii U.

New Super Mario Bros. U, Mass Effect 3: Special Edition, ZombieU and Rayman Legends have also been confirmed as a European launch titles.

Ubisoft's ZombieU will also be available in a special Wii U Premium bundle at launch.

Somewhat disappointingly, Pikmin 3 won't be released this year, instead confirmed for 2013.