The Wii U has just arrived in the US and will fill UK stores on November 30, but the console is already under fire by Metro developer 4A Games.

"[The] Wii U has a horrible, slow CPU," chief technical officer Oles Shishkovtsov told Nowgamer.

4A Games studio rep and THQ head of global comms Huw Beynon added: "We had an early look at it, we thought we could probably do it, but in terms of the impact we would make on the overall quality of the game - potentially to its detriment - we just figured it wasn't worth pursuing at this time. It's something we might return to. I really couldn't make any promises, though."

He continued: "We had an initial look at the Wii U, but given the size of the team and compared to where we were last time, just developing for the PlayStation 3 is a significant addition."

4A's previous game, Metro 2033, came only to PC and Xbox 360.


Source: Nowgamer