Asda has reduced the price of a Wii U Basic console to £149.99 and the Wii U Premium to £199.9, knocking up to 25 per cent off the console's usual asking price.

The Basic pack, which includes a white Wii U console equipped with an 8GB HDD, typically retails for £199.99, with the 32GB Black Premium console normally selling for £249.99.

The cut price consoles are available to buy via Asda's website. It isn't yet known whether the offer is also available in store.

The price reduction follows comments from Nintendo president Satoru Iwata earlier this week admitting that the console has struggled to maintain momentum following its launch last year.

Part of the reason for its failure, he believes, is down to the lack of first-party titles available for the console.

Key third party partners have also distanced themselves from the console in recent weeks. DICE confirmed last month that upcoming FPS Battlefield 4 would not be launching on the console owing to incompatibility with its Frostbite 3 engine, while Call of Duty: Ghosts, announced by Activision last night, also appears to be skipping a release on Wii U.

Multiple first-party titles are in the pipe for release later this year, however, including Pikmin 3, and new titles in the Mario Kart, Zelda and Super Mario series.

Source: Asda