Nintendo has predicted that sales of Wii-remote Plus will increase after the release of Wii Play: Motion on Friday.

Wii Play: Motion, the sequel to Wii Play - which has sold tens of millions of copies worldwide - also comes bundled with its own Wii-remote Plus, a red one no less.

Nintendo expects this to encourage consumers to pick up an extra remote or two, as the game supports up to four players.

"Wii Play: Motion is the next title in the Wii series and it has the Wii 'magic formula' as it is a first-party title that offers instant fun for four players," Vanisha Kavia, Nintendo's marketing assistant told MCV.

"As the game can have up to three other players, we hope to see an increase in sales of the Wii Remote Plus controller as undoubtedly friends and family will want to join in on the fun that comes with Wii Play: Motion."

"We expect that it will be just as successful as the original Wii Play over a long period of time."

Wii Play: Motion hits shop shelves this Friday (June 24), offering a new batch of mini-games designed around Wii MotionPlus and its improved motion sensing capabilities.