Wii Mini will release in the UK on March 22, Nintendo has announced.

The miniaturised Wii console, which was previously only available to buy in Canada, will be available in a red and black design, and come bundled with a red Wii Remote Plus and red Wii Nunchuk.

A price for the console has not been revealed, but it's worth remembering that Nintendo UK doesn't typically set prices for its hardware, instead leaving retailers to set the price.

Wii Mini launched in Canada in December for $99.99 CAD (£64.31). The revised console offers a slightly smaller design than the original Wii, but also lacks some of its functionality.

Wii Mini does not include online functionality, meaning players will not have access to the Wii Shop Channel and be restricted to offline play.

The revised console also drops GameCube backwards-compatibility and only provides composite video output.

To celebrate the console's arrival, a selection of Wii titles are also set to join the Nintendo Selects range "in time for launch", including Mario Party 8, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Party Tennis and Super Paper Mario.

Each title should retail for around £19.99.

Source: Nintendo Press Release