Sony is deliberately taking its time rolling out new system updates for PS4 due to feedback it received during the PS3-era, the platform holder has explained.

Speaking to last week, SCEE's VP of product planning Murray Hume explained that "when [2.0] comes out [tomorrow] people will probably see how much stuff is in there and a lot of innovation and a lot of changes.

"The strange thing for us is we got a lot of criticism in PS3 time about doing a lot of releases very quickly and so we listened to that and we learned," he continued. "Because we did [make] mistakes in PS3 time and we've learned and we've listened. So we've taken a different approach and now we're getting possibly different feedback."

Sony has often been criticised by fans for the slow roll-out of new system updates, particularly given Microsoft's monthly update cycle on Xbox One. But will the platform holder begin releasing PS4 updates more frequently after the arrival of 2.0?

"It all depends in part on how people react to this release," Hume continues. "When they see it, whether they think that's a better approach, we'll look at the feedback we get. We were told one thing, now we're told another thing. Both are valid. We just have to work out what feedback we get for this release and how we go forward."

PS4's System Update 2.0 is set to arrive tomorrow, October 28, and introduces a variety of new features to the console. Most impressive of all is Share Play, a new gameplay streaming service that lets PS4 users invite a PSN friend to play their game for up to an hour at a time - even if they don't own the game.

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