Where to buy Surface Pro 9 & pre order US / UK *LATEST*

Where to buy Surface Pro 9 & pre order US / UK *LATEST*
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UPDATE 25/10/22: The Surface Pro 9 has now released and you can purchase it now!

With the imminent release of the Surface Pro 9, consumers will be wondering where to buy the latest Microsoft 2-in-1.

The Surface Pro 9 is going to be Microsoft’s best 2-in-1 yet, with a range of Intel CPUs to select from, or SQ 3 ARM CPUs if you opt for the 5G device, your new laptop is going to be well equipped to handle whatever you throw at it.

Your best bet to grab a Surface Pro 9 is going to be via Microsoft’s website.

Where to buy Surface Pro 9 in the US?

Releasing on the 25th October, you can grab a Surface Pro 9 from the following retailers:

Here are some specific product links for the Microsoft Surface Pro 9:

Where to buy Surface Pro 9 in the UK?

Whilst the Surface Pro 9 doesn’t release until 8th November in the UK, you can still go ahead and pre order Microsoft’s new laptop via a few top tech retailers:

UK specific product links:

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Price

How much does the Surface Pro 9 cost in US?

How much does the Surface Pro 9 cost in UK?

If you’re in the UK, you’ll have a selection of 8 variants of the SP9 to choose from.

ARM vs Intel for Surface Pro 9

If you’re wondering what the difference between ARM and Intel is, and how it will affect the Surface Pro 9 you buy, we’ll be going over what we think here.

The most obvious difference that everyone will have noticed is that the ARM SQ 3 CPUs allow for the use of 5G cellular connectivity. If you’re someone who works on the go, or is always travelling, these Surface Pro 9s may be your best bet.

However, if you’re someone who completes heavy-load processing on their computer such as graphical rendering – you may be more suited to the faster, more powerful Intel Evo Core CPUs. This is due to ARM processors being much more suited to mobile devices.

How to pre order the Surface Pro 9 in the US / UK?

Pre ordering should be a simple task – the Microsoft US and Microsoft UK websites are a good place to start. You simply have to choose your model and configure what plan you’re after. Once you’ve decided, simply checkout and the Surface Pro 9 will be on your doorstep the day after it’s released.

Microsoft Surface Pro FAQs

What’s the best place to get a Surface Pro 9 from?

Your best bet is the Microsoft website if you’re looking for a new Microsoft Surface Pro 9.

What’s the best Microsoft Surface Pro 9?

The best model is the i7 32GB / 1TB SSD costing you $2,599.