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When is the next Fortnite season?

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It’s time to get ready for the new season in Fortnite, which brings great content to the game with every new update.

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Reason enough for millions of players to get excited and ask this question: When is the next Fortnite season?

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We’ve just kicked off Chapter 4 Season 1 and with a number of skins, rewards and new locations on the maps – fans of the game are in for a treat for what is supposed to be a thrilling chapter to come in the Fortnite universe.

However with this season undergo, many fans may wonder – when is the next Fortnite season?

When is the next Fortnite season?

Although there’s no official announcement has been made regarding the new Season yet, we already know when Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 will start. This is because there’s usually no gap between two Battle Passes. So we can say that the new season of Fortnite will start on March 10, 2023

It looks like the price of Fortnite’s new Battle Pass will be the same as before. Depending on where you live, you can buy the new season for $10/£10 (or 1000 VBucks), as no price increases have been announced. It’s true that this price is quite affordable, since it includes many new characters, weapons and other content.

For now, you can enjoy Chapter 4 Season 1 which contains a plethora of content including new hoverboards and goodies in the battle pass to grind away before the new season starts.


Given that the new chapter will start around March – there’s an ample amount of time to get grinding the battle pass to ensure you have all the free goodies Epic Games are giving you!

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