GTA Online snow 2023 start date and all exciting Christmas update leaks

GTA Online snow 2023 start date and all exciting Christmas update leaks
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Grand Theft Auto fans have been wonderfully spoiled this December 2023. The month kickstarted with the reveal of the GTA 6 trailer, and Grand Theft Auto Online received a significant Chop Shop update. This Chop Shop update added animals as well as drift vehicles to the world of Los Santos. While it’s a magnificent patch, many players are still wondering when snow is coming to GTA Online 2023. The start date should be right around the corner, and a large number of exciting leaks have emerged for the upcoming Christmas update.

As mentioned, Grand Theft Auto 6 was finally shown off at the beginning of the month. It provided the first official look at the male and female playable protagonists, and we learned several things from the trailer alone including its release window. Fans have watched the trailer over and over again, and they are even amazed by all the tiny details such as the insane realistic body physics seen on a woman running on the beach.

We cannot wait for Grand Theft Auto 6 to arrive in a couple of years, but, for the time being, we are able to enjoy more of GTA Online. And, as always around this time of year, snow is inbound for the sunny beaches and tropical trees of Los Santos.

When does snow come to GTA Online 2023?

Snow is expected to come to GTA Online 2023 on December 21st. This is according to leaks and updates typically come out on Thursday. It also follows the pattern for when icy roads and snowmen have previously arrived in Grand Theft Auto V:

  • 2022 – Thursday, December 22nd
  •   2021 – Thursday, December 23rd
  •   2020 – Tuesday, December 22nd
  •   2019 – Tuesday, December 24th

While snow is still yet to arrive in Los Santos, the December 12th GTA Online weekly update released the Chop Shop patch. Below are some of the key highlights and additions of this patch:

  • Salvage Yard
    •  Drift Races New VehiclesVapid Aleutian
    •   Grotti Turismo Omaggio
    •   Declasse Vigero ZX Convertible
    •   Karin Vivanite
    •   Fathom FR36
    •   Vapid Dominator GT
    •   Karin Asterope GZ
    •   Declasse Impaler LX
    •   Vapid Stanier LE Cruiser
    •   Vapid Unmarked Cruiser
    •   Police Riot
    •   New WeaponBattle Rifle
  •   Ambient animals
  •   New male and female cosmetics
  •   Character birthday gift (free gift on the day you created your character)

GTA Online Christmas update 2023 leaks

To bring forth snow in GTA Online, there will be a Christmas update. Rockstar hasn’t provided any details about the update as of 11:00 GMT on December 20th, but numerous exciting leaks have been shared online. One of the most exciting leaks is a new Festive Adversary mode. Per leaker Floorball_, Santa makes his way to Los Santos and elves must protect him from Krampus as he makes his way toward a safe zone.

In addition to this leak, Floorball_ also reveals a snowball launcher (a gun that shoots snowballs), and there will be a new Yeti hunt collectible. Leaker PLTytus has also revealed that the Gooch from 2022 will return. As if all of this wasn’t enough, there will also be a Happy Holidays Hauler. This is a lorry driving around Los Santos that drops presents as you drive behind it. These presents include in-game money, snacks, and ammo.

Finally, there will be festive ugly sweaters for your character to wear. They are called the eCola and the Sprunk festive sweater. While all of this is exciting, remember that none of it is official as of writing. Rockstar is expected to drop the update on December 21st, and it should last roughly past the new year.

In other festive news, the Epic Games 15 days of free mystery games event has begun. Make sure to claim each freebie before they quickly expire. Another exciting event for PC players to keep an eye on is the Steam Winter Sale 2023 start date.