IMC and Metropolis have announced They, a new 'mystery FPS' title set in a near future world.

From the beginning of the game players will be unsure as to what They are, what They do and where They come from and this search for answers is what looks to set the game apart from other sci-fi shooters.

Details aren't exactly in great supply, but some information on the game's weapons and locations has been revealed. Unlike many an FPS in which the character can carry a huge arsenal of weaponry, They will see the player carrying only a single weapon. However, this weapon can be customised and enhanced based on the player's needs and preferences. Players can assign different weapon setups to ten slots which can be accessed as if they are ten different weapons.

They is set in real world locations in a fictional future of around 2012, meaning the world won't be all that different to what we see today. This means players will be able to identify landmarks, buildings and street names etc.

There's not really much more to say at the moment, other than to recommend heading over to Pro-G TV where you can see the first trailer.