Wesley Snipes' Julius Styles: The International, a game that the movie star has been waiting ten years for the opportunity to create, arrives on the App Store today.

Developed by Lapland Studios - who are, in fact, based in the Arctic Circle - Julius Styles: The International is an action game that puts players in the shoes of Julius Styles, an MIT graduate that 'loses his way'.

"Evolving from the military special ops, security specialist backgrounds of characters I've played in the past, this guy was trained by the streets of today, to be the international player and dot com super spy of the future," said Wesley Snipes. "Fall back, Nino and excuse me, Mr. Bond! I'd like you to meet Mr. Styles, Julius Styles: The International."

Playing out across a series of 3D isometric environments, the game involves gathering information, collecting and combining items to create weapons and tools, and solving intricate puzzles.

"This marriage, my vision of a hardcore action movie combined with Lapland's implementation of a kickass video game, is going to hook you up and leave you thirsty for more," explained the excitable Snipes. "Episode 1 is just the beginning. I've been waiting ten years for a creative opportunity like this!"

The first episode is available now for iPhone and iPad - as a universal app - for £1.99.