UPDATE: Will a release date be announced at 5pm UK tonight?

"Big news tonight," Ubisoft posted on its Facebook page, "be ready at 18:00 CET!"

ORIGINAL REPORT: New information on Watch Dogs - hopefully including a release date - will be revealed "very very soon", animation director Colin Graham has teased.

Graham teased the news on Twitter last night while posting a new piece of concept art from the game. The art was also posted on Watch Dogs' official Facebook page.

The tease follows earlier leaks and tweets suggesting that a release date for the game could be announced this week, with a leaked image telling users to "find out the release date in this new trailer".

A tweet from product manager David Thériault also suggested that this week was a "big week" for Watch Dogs and developer Ubisoft Montreal.

Watch Dogs is expected to launch on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC this spring with a Wii U release following at a later date.

Source: @colinj_graham, facebook.com/watchdogsgame

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