Ubisoft has launched Watch Dogs WeareData, a new website that collates publicly available information to create a real-time data map of three major European cities.

The website tracks data linked to London, Berlin and Paris, including public transport schedules, telecommunications networks, energy consumption, CCTV cameras, traffic lights, and regionalised socioeconomic data (such as average net income, unemployment rate and crime rate) to create an in-depth real-time information hub.

The site also highlights publicly-available information from the cities' residents, including their public Facebook posts and activity on Foursquare, Instagram and Twitter.

"With WeareData, visitors will discover that much of the hyper-connected world imagined in Watch Dogs already is a reality, and that everything and everyone is truly connected," said Ubisoft.

"The amount of and potential uses for public and personal information that is readily available online has never been more relevant, as evidenced by today's headlines. WeareData is designed to provide a glimpse into this reality and to give visitors a new perspective on the cities in which they live."

Watch Dogs launches on November 22 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC, and around the launch of Xbox One and PS4.


Source: Ubisoft press release