Minecraft is many things but never before have we seen it used by a movie studio to promote its upcoming film. Warner has partnered with Minecraft builders BlockWorks to create the PAN Minecraft Experience.

PC players can log into the PAN server on Minecraft with the address maps.panmovie.net, where they will find two mini-games:

Pirate Ship Battle: Two teams of players will battle in the skies above Neverland, attempting to destroy their opponents flying pirate ship.

Capture The Pan: Explore the depths of Neverland while searching for the elusive Pan token, bringing it back to your base to score points for your team.

PAN is a live action take on the classic Peter Pan story and stars Rooney Mara, Garret Hedlund and Hugh Jackman. The film opens in the UK on Friday, October 16.

Source: Warner

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