Based on the award winning PC strategy series, Warlords DS will enable players to assemble vast armies, conquer and loot cities, undertake perilous quests, make and break alliances, and wield magical artefacts of great power. There's also some room for economics, diplomacy and exploration, but most emphasis is placed on combat.

The game will feature 20 scenarios, 28 army types, four different terrains (grasslands, desert, wastelands and frozen tundra), an approachable learning curve and integrated tutorial to get players up and running, and for statistic buffs the game will also track all statistical info.

Outside of the game's single-player mode, Warlords DS will feature an eight-player multiplayer mode, using hot-seat and WiFi support.

"It is with great pleasure that we are teaming up with Glyphic Entertainment to bring famed Warlords to the DS platform. This great classic is a perfect fit for the unique Nintendo DS system, a great combination to give fantasy strategic goodness right in the hands of the player, all this under the competent care of Glyphic Entertainment," said Richard Therrien, Strategy First's Vice President of Development.

Warlords DS joins Strategy First's previously announced Nintendo DS releases, Jagged Alliance 2 and Disciples II. No release date for Warlords DS has been announced.