Free-to-play action title Warframe has amassed three million registered users, with one million of these coming in the last seven weeks, Digital Extremes has announced.

In celebration of the milestone, Digital Extremes has rolled out Update 9.

Update 9 features:

NOVA WARFRAME: The first Warframe designed by our Community!

The Design Council - an exclusive forum available only to Master and Grand Master Founders of Warframe. The Design Council is privileged with decision making power alongside the development team and is the first to access important Warframe information. After many rounds of brainstorming discussions and voting with the Design Council - the antimatter-themed Warframe is now available! As unpredictable as antimatter itself, NOVA puts an interesting twist into any battle, brings an innovated set of powers to the table, and was designed in collaboration with the Design Council.

OROKIN VOID & GRINEER GALLEON MAP EXPANSION: The 'void' is being filled with new Prime weapon blueprints for collectors to seek and will now have Defense, Capture and Mobile Defense missions. The Grineer Galleon will also support Mobile Defense, Spy, Deception, and Capture mission styles.

CAPTAIN VOR BOSS BATTLE: Stronger and wiser, Captain Vor has been revamped with new techniques only the best Tenno will be able to overcome. With the battle and a new pistol weapon blueprint is yours.

New items:

GRINEER SHOTGUN-- SOBEK: The SOBEK is a rapid-firing Grineer shotgun that has reduced damage per shot but boasts extra large clip capacity.

TENNO THROWING STARS-- HIKOU: As an alternative to KUNAI, these Tenno throwing stars do less damage but they come with expanded ammo capacity and a higher rate of attack.

NEW LAB RESEARCH WEAPON-- SPECTRA: This Corpus pistol can be researched within your clan dojo. While its intended design is for deep space construction, the concentrated laser beam of the Spectra is highly effective against organic and synthetic enemies.

WARFRAME HELMETS- SERIES II: 14 helmets have been added - all Warframes now have their own unique helmet.

Update 9 also offer dojo improvements, with clan alliances added.

Warframe is available now for PC and is planned to launch on PS4 when the console hits stores.


Source: Press release