Virtual reality has become a "key focus" for Crytek, according to executive producer Elijah Freeman, who believes that the upcoming technology is the "natural" next step for the company.

Speaking to at Gamescom earlier today, Freeman explained that VR "is part of [Crytek's] lineage. We've been building 3D stereoscopic environments since Crysis 2 so it's part of us already. However, it is a key focus for us now because it just felt natural for us to move in this direction. And then as soon as we got in the worlds and started being able to create these fantastic environments we knew that this is the right place for us. Within the development teams it's becoming increasingly more of a focus."

Crytek revealed its first VR game, Robinson: The Journey, earlier this year, which lets players explore a world filled with dinosaurs.

"For the very first time in my career - and I've been in this industry a long time! - I feel like this is right," Freeman continued when asked whether he thought that interest in VR may fade. "It feels right to me as a developer. I can't speak for the industry, but as a developer, when I start playing in this environment and I start thinking of new ways to play games, that's a hit for me. That's the type of mentality I need to pursue forwards. So I'm assuming I'm not much different than other developers, so I feel like this is the right timing. I think we're about to evolve in this medium."

The first major consumer VR device, HTC Vive, launches on PC later this year, with rival Oculus Rift set to release in early 2016. PS4's VR headset, meanwhile, Project Morpheus is due to release in the first half of next year.

A release date for Robinson: The Journey has yet to be announced.

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