Violence in video games is an "inherent part of the gameplay experience" Platinum Games producer Atsushi Inaba has told

Platinum has released action heavy titles Bayonetta, Vanquish and the ultra-bloody MadWorld.

Asked if violence is needed in games, Inaba said: "I think violence is an inherent part of gameplay experience from very early and primitive computer games that we had a couple of decades ago.

"Be it punching your enemies or pushing aside your enemies, kicking, slicing, or breaking objects. Some kind of violence was always a part of gameplay so it is a part of gameplay from the beginning."

However, Inaba believes games shouldn't feature violence without a purpose.

"And as we, as the gaming console has developed we started to see more realistic and graphic violence over time, but as a developer my stance on that is you need to have a purpose in describing violence and violence just for the sake of violence is not good.

"If you start to see a lot of this pointless and purposeless violence in the games industry that will harm the industry and the future of gaming in the long term."

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