An art project from 2011 is one of many videos to have been removed from online video service Vimeo after a copyright infringement claim was made in relation to this summer's Adam Sandler flick Pixels.

Anti-piracy firm Entura International - which regularly works with Pixels distributor Colombia Pictures - filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act claim with Vimeo targeting a host of videos which features the term pixels, even if the videos in question were unrelated to the movie.

The full claim asked Vimeo to take down the following content:

"Pixels", "Pantone Pixels", "Pixels", "Pixels - HD Trailer", "Detuned Pixels - Choco", "Pixels - Life Buoy", "Pixels: Redeye @ Kettering", "Pixels Festival 2015", "Love Pixels- VJLoops", "Pixels Official Trailer (2015) - Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage"

Clearly some videos shouldn't have been removed, and thankfully Vimeo has told Kotaku that it is now investigating the claim further.

"The videos were takedown in accordance with Vimeo's DMCA policy," a spokesperson for the video company told Kotaku. "However, Vimeo's Trust & Safety team are further evaluating the claims made and will have an update in the coming days."

Source: Kotaku

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