VG’s Christmas Content Calendar

VG’s Christmas Content Calendar
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Hello everyone. It’s that time of year when we all take a break from writing words and making pictures move to relax and spend time with our families. But we’ve been working super hard over the last week or so to make sure there’s plenty of content coming up on over the festive period.

Christmas robin
Look! It’s the Pro-G robin. It’s probably dead now.

You’re going to get the usual Game of the Year stuff from each of us here, plus some Miller videos, podcasts, a quiz, and an end of year Reviewsical from Colm. That’s your lot. We’ll be back early Jan, but I won’t be because I’m leaving today. Bye. You can read a longer, more heartfelt goodbye message from me, here.  From all the staff at VideoGamer, we hope you have a lovely holiday!

Wednesday December 21

  • Game of the year – Tom
  • Christmas Podcast – Part 1

Thursday December 22

  • The games needed to make a great Christmas dinner (Video)
  • Game of the year – Dave

Friday December 23

  • Game of the year – Alice
  • Extra Podcast ($10 Patrons)

Monday December 26

  • Game of the year – Sam

Tuesday December 27

  • Quiz of the Year – Video
  • VG UK Early Podcast for $5 Patrons

Wednesday December 28

  • Christmas Podcast Part 2
  • Game of the year – Colm

Thursday December 29

  • 7 Hopes and Dreams for 2017 – Video

Friday December 30

  • Reviewsical
  • Extra Podcast ($10 Patrons)