Vampyr rights acquired by Fox21 for TV adaptation

Vampyr rights acquired by Fox21 for TV adaptation
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Focus Home Interactive has announced that Fox21 has snapped up the rights to Vampyr, with the company planning on adapting the blood-draining adventure game for a TV series with Wonderland Sound & Vision and DJ2 Entertainment.

Vampyr was released on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in June, and according to Dontnod boss Oskar Guilbert, is a 'fantastic premise for a television show. This is a new and exciting way for fans of the game, as well as the uninitiated, to enter and engage with Vampyr's rich, deep story.'

'We cannot wait to see how the talented team at Fox21 will bring out the darkly atmospheric universe of our game into television.'

Vampyr takes place in London in the year 1918, at a time when the city had been hit by a devastating outbreak of Spanish Flu. 

Players control Dr. Jonathan Reid, a freshly-turned Vampire who is struggling to come to terms with his newfound undead powers and bloodlust. As such, it's up to players whether they want to give into that hunger and sink their teeth into London's unsuspecting citizens, or spare them.

'The DJ2 team loves the creative vision Dontnod & Focus devote to all of their projects,' added DJ2 CEO, Dmitri Johnson.

'The great relationship we’ve built with them since partnering on their incredible game, Life is Strange, allowed us to get on board for Vampyr well before its release. Like them, we’re excited to collaborate with our friends at Fox21, Wonderland, and the rest of the creative team we’re assembling.'

Dontnod announced earlier this summer that Vampyr will be getting additional content via a new update, including two new game modes.

Not played Vampyr? It's worth sinking your teeth into.