Valorant fans are in awe of this ‘absurd’ 1v4 ace

Valorant fans are in awe of this ‘absurd’ 1v4 ace
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Valorant witnessed an unforgettable moment of sheer skill and prowess recently. Player sScary executed an unimaginable 1v4 ace clutch on a match point, leaving the gaming community stunned and sparking intense discussions across various platforms.

sScary’s awe-inspiring 1v4 ace clutch had Valorant players, like DaturaAndZiggster and norwuud, expressing their amazement across social platforms. Conversely, users like OkOkPlayer questioned the clip’s authenticity, while forcesofthefuture defended its credibility.

Notably, several players discussed sScary’s close proximity to the monitor during the intense moment, arguing the potential pros and cons. Crazy_Crayfish_ and ImpliedQuotient even speculated about the possible insider knowledge sScary and player Kang kang might possess.

Dubbed “the clutch of the year” and one of the greatest plays in Valorant’s history, Nutchaphon “sScary” Matarat’s incredible play contributed to Bleed esports’ promotion to the Pacific Valorant’s top level for the subsequent two years. The promotion followed their victory in the VCT Ascension Pacific Grand Final against the Japanese esports organisation SCARZ.

The Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), an innovative approach by Riot Games to manage its highest level of esports competition, enables teams to qualify for the top-tier competition for two years. sScary and his team, Bleed, achieved this feat by besting all other Challenger teams in their region.

Bleed sScary 1v4 ACE Clutch

With a score of 12-9 in favor of Bleed, sScary found himself in a high-stakes 1v4 situation. Despite losing four teammates during a potential map-winning round, sScary remained calm, displaying top-notch timing and strategy that resulted in a clean Ace and a map victory.

Carrying the momentum forward, Bleed secured a clean 3-0 sweep against SCARZ, thus qualifying for VCT Pacific 2024 and 2025. sScary’s exceptional performance, reflected in his impressive 1.45 Rating and a +27 kill-differential, had a significant role in this success.

In conclusion, sScary’s 1v4 ace clutch proves a memorable moment in Valorant history, showcasing unparalleled skill, strategy, and gaming passion. The Valorant community awaits eagerly to see what sScary and his team will achieve in the upcoming VCT Pacific 2024 and 2025. Meanwhile, Valorant enthusiasts can level up their gameplay using these Valorant crosshair codes and keep pace with the changing Valorant ranking system to ascend the competitive leaderboard. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2023-12-02