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Valorant Patch Notes 6.01 – Lotus Map Fixes and More

Valorant Patch Notes  6.01 – Lotus Map Fixes and More
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The latest patch is here for Valorant, although there aren’t too many drastic changes, there will be some welcome ones. Many bug fixes have also been suggested by the community which is always a welcome touch.

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Hopefully some of the fixes will be changes you have wanted for a while, while a lot of changes have also been refinements for the new map Lotus, here is all you need to know about the latest patch in Valorant: Patch 6.01. 

Valorant Patch 6.01: MAP UPDATES


  • The volume for the rotating doors has been reduced while rotating.
  • Lotus-only queue has been removed.
  • Lotus will now be included in the map rotation for Unrated and Competitive.

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Valorant Patch 6.01: MODES UPDATES


Replication has been removed from Modes queue.

  • It will still be available from the custom game option.

Valorant Patch 6.01: BUG FIXES


  • Fixed a bug where occasionally the third-person flashed visual indicator on an Agent’s head wasn’t in sync with the actual flash duration.
  • Fixed a bug where the Spike would be invisible, and attempting to equip the Spike would fail after changing from Defender to Attacker in a Custom Game and picking up the Spike.
  • Fixed a bug where you were unable to plant the Spike after reconnecting to a match where they died while disconnected.
  • Fixed a bug that, while using the Marshall, prevented full reloading between shots if auto-scoping is enabled. Thanks for all the reports on this!


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  • Lotus
    • Boost exploit in the back of B Site has been removed.
    • You can no longer get yourself stuck in the rotating doors (we’re pretty sure anyway, let us know if you find a way—also, you’re all very creative!)
    • Breach can now use abilities on both rotating doors.
    • The destructible door located at A Link now has working vision cones. 
    • The Spike can no longer get lost in the back of A Site