Xbox 360 sold 1.4 million units in December in the US, more than double the amount of the second place console.

Microsoft says this is the 24th consecutive month Xbox 360 has held the number one spot in the US.

Sony hasn't stated how many units PS3 sold, but given Microsoft's comment it has to be fewer than 700,000.

Nintendo announced Wii U sales of 460,000 units in December, bringing total US sales to nearly 890,000 units after only 41 days on the market. According to Nintendo Wii U hardware sales have generated more than $300 million in the US, $30 million more than the Wii managed at the same point in its lifecycle.

"While the Wii launch established new benchmarks in the United States, Wii U has surpassed its predecessor in perhaps the most important category: revenue generation," said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "The demand for the Deluxe SKU, which was essentially sold out at retail this holiday, and the strong attach rate of New Super Mario Bros. U, shows that we have the value and the games to drive momentum in 2013. We look forward to offering great new experiences and bringing smiles to millions of new faces throughout the year."

New Super Mario Bros. U has sold more than 580,000 copies, representing a console attach rate of more than 65 per cent.

3DS shifted 1.25 million units in December, with life to date sales at 7.7 million units. Wii moved 475,000 units and stands at 40.8 million units life to date. And finally DS sold 470,000 units, with life to date at 53 million.

Combined Nintendo sold more than 2.65 million hardware units in the US during the month of December. Nintendo also points out that 2012 was the 11th consecutive year in which it has sold at least eight million hardware units in the US.

Microsoft is clearly in a strong position in the US and will be hoping it can build on that with its next console. Nintendo hasn't seen the same demand for the Wii U as it did with its Wii, but it will still be confident that the console will sell well once bigger franchises are announced and available, while the 3DS has managed to perform well, easily beating the PS Vita. Sony has a lot of work to do in the US, although a lack of enticing exclusives for its systems in the holiday period didn't help.

Source: Press releases