Uncharted 4: A Thief's End could be "the biggest title" on PlayStation 4 next year, according to PlayStation UK MD Fergal Gara, who believes that of all the titles announced by Sony so far, Naughty Dog's adventure is "the key one to watch".

"It certainly will be well up there, if not the biggest title [on PS4]," Gara told VideoGamer.com while talking about the lineup of titles headed to the console next year. "Certainly of what we've announced so far it's the key one to watch.

"It was fantastic to hear the response in the room as soon as even the logo came up. That shows you the respect that Naughty Dog have and the warmth there is for Uncharted and everything they do. That was one of the real nice moments of the press conference."

Sony revealed the first in-engine footage of Uncharted 4 during its E3 press conference on Monday. Haven't seen it yet? Take a look at the video below.


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