Saucy Wii party game, We Dare, in which players are encouraged to be a little naughty by spanking and kissing fellow players, has had its UK release pulled by publisher Ubisoft.

A statement from the publisher explained that the decision was made "following the public reaction to the 12+ rating of We Dare".

The game's rating was decided upon based on the in-title content, not whatever the players are doing in relation to the game. In fact, it wasn't until a slightly naughty trailer hit the internet last month that We Dare got noticed; the game's announcement back in January passed with no media backlash.

Ubisoft reacted to concerns by placing a parental guidance sticker on the game's box, but even that wasn't enough to save the title.

There will be no North American release either, but the game will be hitting store shelves across Europe.


Sadly we'll no longer be able to bring you our Extended Play featuring Pearson and Martin. They are both devastated having spent several weeks warming their hands.

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