Ubisoft has asked players with early copies of Watch Dogs not to spoil the story ahead of the game's release next Tuesday, May 27.

In a Facebook message picked up by Reddit, Ubisoft said that it was aware of "Watch Dogs gameplay content being released in advance of the May 27 launch date.

"We know you are as excited as we are to see people hack their way through our digital version of Chicago. Out of respect for our fans, we kindly ask that you do not spoil the story for those who aren't able to access the game until May 27."

The post appears to have since been deleted, but a similar message is still viewable on Twitter.

Copies of the game are believed to have already gone on sale at some stores across the globe ahead of next Tuesday's release, with various gameplay videos appearing online over the last few days.

Ubisoft isn't the first developer to ask players to refrain from posting spoilers ahead of its game's launch. Back in March, Sucker Punch also requested the same thing from its fans, asking players with "unauthorized" early copies of inFamous Second Son to refrain from talking about it ahead of release.

Watch Dogs launches on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC next Tuesday, May 27. Look out for our review at 8am BST on release day.

Source: reddit.com, @watchdogsgame

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